The making of a dream

Construction is carried out on a slope (about 45°) with the erection of three tiers of flat terraces on it (terracing) where luxury suites and other facilities are laid on them.

The height of the terraces, reaches 8 meters, granting a clear view of the jungle and Agung from each building.

Seen the land is located on a slope, we decided to terrace it, with an extremely complex, expensive and lengthy work that was carried out, for 9 months.


Latest updates from Melihat
Middle part of the project
Beginning of project

At the very beginning we had only a pice of land and a dream of building something unussual.  We have done massive terraforming on our land to make our dream comes true. Join as on our journey through the varios steps of building.

Steps of building




Our houses

Normal House

Progressive House

Waterfall House

Swimming pool